Enterprise Telephony Management System (ETM)


What is Enterprise Telephony Management System (ETM)?

Managing a voice and unified communications (UC) network is safer and simpler when you use enterprise voice intelligence and unified policy control.


ETM Overview

The SecureLogix® ETM® System helps secure, optimize and simplify management of enterprise voice/UC communications networks through enterprise-wide voice intelligence and unified policy enforcement and management.


The ETM System enables a hard-dollar ROI payback in less than 12 months by securing the enterprise from attack, fraud, data leakage, financial losses and service abuse over TDM and VoIP enterprise phone lines, while optimizing voice service and infrastructure expenses.

How it Works

The system is PBX-vendor independent and supports analog, digital, and VoIP carrier trunking, providing centralized monitoring, reporting, and consistent policy enforcement over all enterprise voice communications, irrespective of the customer’s mix of TDM or VoIP switch types. Distributed appliances are placed at the voice network edge to monitor all inbound and outbound TDM and VoIP/SIP call flows, and deliver a suite of UC security and management applications across the enterprise, all remotely managed from a central administration console.



ETM Defeats Voice Security Threats


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