COVID-19 Response

I. Operations
II. Threat Level
III. Assistance 

I. Operations: You Remain Protected

We’d like to reassure all SecureLogix customers we are 100% resilient and operational throughout this pandemic and you remain fully protected. Most of our employees can work from home, and all departments are operating as normal.

II. Threat Level: Very High

Cybersecurity threats are spiking globally, and we are identifying and blocking a striking increase in attacks against our customer enterprise and contact center phone lines. 


Premier National Insurance Provider:
we’ve blocked more call attacks (over 140,000) in just the first three months of 2020 than we blocked in all of 2019 (just under 100,000). 

Top Five Global Financial Institution: 
saw weekly call attacks increase 1500% over the past month to now over 100,000 per week.

Major National Healthcare Provider Network:
has experienced a 55% increase in call attacks over just the past 3 weeks.

III. SecureLogix COVID-19 Assistance Program

In response to the business impact of Covid-19, SecureLogix is offering voice security assistance to customers who are experiencing a dramatic increase in threatening calls. 

Program Qualification & Enrollment
Please contact our program coordinator to see if you qualify and to begin the enrollment process.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the SecureLogix COVID‑19 Assistance Program please contact:

Torrey Viger