Today In Data: The Rise Of Call Center Fraud

November 26, 2018

Call centers are facing the potential of fraud from inside and outside their facilities, and they are taking multi-pronged approaches to tackle these security challenges. At the same time, experts say that fraudsters will be busy this holiday season, and will be particularly active on online marketplaces. And companies are creating fraud prevention defenses for the mobile order-ahead space, as quick-service restaurants (QSRs) are moving forward with digital innovation….

March 6, 2018

Call centers.

Call them centers of consumer frustration?

You know the drill. The standard way of getting help – the automated kind (through interactive voice response) – just isn’t cutting it. The chatbot isn’t enough.

There’s a need for a human on the other line – the hand-holder, who will assist with the technical problem or the transaction gone awry, or perhaps the recurring payment that didn’t recur…

November 17, 2017

Communication and financial technology have both undergone rapid transformations over the years. The ways we talk and exchange money are almost entirely different than what we saw decades ago.

But, even as the rest of the world evolves, some things do not change. Despite the shifts from home phones to cellphones to smartphones – and from cash to credit cards to mobile checking accounts – call centers have remained omnipresent…