FCC robocall rule would finally give you a nuclear option for blocking phone spam

The Federal Communications Commission has been fighting robocalls for years, but it hasn’t made much headway. Now it has a new plan to save your phone from the seemingly endless plague of spammy phone calls interrupting your podcast listening.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai put forward a proposal that would make it legal for phone companies to block unwanted robocalls by default. Or for those in need of a nuclear option, the ruling could also allow consumers to prohibit calls from any number that isn’t in their contact list


October 10, 2018

If you have, well, a phone number, you’ve probably received a robocall before. It was likely one of those annoying calls from an unknown number featuring a computer voice badgering you about some stupid service you supposedly need to buy. If you’ve been noticing more and more of these correspondences, you’re not alone.

Data backs this up too. According to the voicemail and call-blocking services company YouMail, the volume of robocalls increased 50% from February to July, reports NBC News