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Comcast or Capital One calling? It may be a robocall scam. Here are the top 10

Jul 6, 2018 USA Today

July 6, 2018

Wondering whether you should pick up that random number that just called? 

Chances are, it’s a robocall, and it may be a scam. 

Robocalls have been on the rise in the United States: An estimated 4.1 billion robocalls were made nationwide in June alone, according to data compiled by YouMail, an app that aims to prevent robocalls by playing an out-of-service message from your phone. Since February this year, the number of robocalls made to phone users across the country has risen more than 40 percent, it says.

Most of the time, these robocalls are after people’s money. With the rapid improvement of phone caller ID – which, on most cellphones, can now warn you of an incoming potential scam call – and the proliferation of apps designed to screen for fake calls, the number of robocalls that actually get picked up on the first try is declining, according to YouMail CEO Alex Quilici…