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Voice Security and Call Authentication for Government and Military

SecureLogix helps the Federal Government and Military to protect their voice networks from attack.

The public voice network has become the target of many attacks, including Telephony Denial of Service (TDoS), robocalls (automated telephone calls), SWATing (anonymously filing police reports to provoke a police raid) and bomb threats. TDoS is a flood of malicious inbound calls that target public-safety response systems such as 911. SecureLogix is working to shift the advantage from a DDoS attacker to the network administrator by developing the capability to authenticate callers and detect fraudulent call spoofing.

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Quick Facts

  • 61 % of fraud losses from account takeovers occur over contact center phone calls
  • Orchestra One™ call authentication service from SecureLogix provides call authentication at half-off the cost of competitor solutions
Call Secure Managed Service
managed service

Reduce costs and secure your business voice network and contact centers from attack, disruption, fraud and abuse.

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Orchestra One Call Authentication Service
call authentication service

Quickly verify and authenticate every inbound call with our automated call-authentication & spoofing detection service.

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