Energy & Utilities

Voice Security and Call Authentication for Energy & Utility Companies

SecureLogix helps Energy & Utility Companies to increase customer satisfaction and defend against malicious attacks.

Energy providers and utility companies are the gatekeepers to a large base of clientele, and to critical services needed to keep businesses and governments operating. This fact makes them susceptible to a whole host of telephony attacks, from TDoS to Account Takeovers, Robocalls to Toll Fraud.

With Force Field call security managed service from SecureLogix comapnies can protect their voice networks from malicious attacks, save money, and increase customer satisfaction.

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Quick Facts

  • In December 2015, suspected Russian hackers used stolen login credentials and a TDOS attack to hit three distribution utilities in Ukraine, briefly cutting the lights to about a quarter-million people in a first-of-its-kind cyberattack
  • The Department of Homeland Security is funding SecureLogix research to help prevent attacks to critical infrastructure in the United States