Nation-Wide Bank Engages SecureLogix to Stop Call Pumping

A major nation-wide banking institution experienced a sudden flood of illegitimate calls to is toll free number. It was more than just an annoyance. It was a sophisticated toll fraud scheme to inflate the bank’s phone expenses and create a payday for fraudsters. With Force Field from SecureLogix the bank was able to defeat the scheme and stop call pumping dead in its tracks.

“We knew something was wrong. Our 800 number was being plagued with thousands of bogus calls and we were bearing the expense. But we didn’t know what to do about it until SecureLogix helped us identify the toll fraud attack pattern and put technology in place to stop call pumping.”


A U.S. banking institution experienced a sudden flood of junk calls into their contact center’s toll-free numbers. What seemed like merely an annoyance at first was really a form of toll fraud attack launched by hackers looking for an easy payday.  It’s called Call Pumping and here’s how it works: Businesses pay carriers a fee to deliver 1-800 calls. Carriers have to share those fees with any other carriers involved in delivering the call. In Call Pumping schemes, the perpetrators establish fraudulent phone companies and send floods of calls targeting 1-800 numbers.  The fraudsters then bill the carrier for a percentage of the fee for each call.  The unwitting  victim gets stuck with the bill. For big companies with high call center volume this can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in a year.


The bank used Force Field from SecureLogix® to identify patterns of calling activity indicative of call pumping, including calls into the contact center’s IVR that never attempt to authenticate, and potentially block these fraudulent calls.


With Force Field from SecureLogix the bank was able to identify and block call pumping attacks, eliminate toll fraud, and reduce their costs while receiving and processing their normal amount of legitimate business calls and transactions.