Financial Rating Org Deploys SecureLogix and Prevents TDoS Attacks

An international financial credit rating organization was warned in advance of a coordinated TDoS attack against their call centers. With help from SecureLogix and the Call Secure™ managed service team the company is able to withstand the attacks, and defeat them without so much as a single minute of communications downtime. Keep reading to learn more about this classic example of how SecureLogix can help prevent TDoS Attacks.

“With SecureLogix we were able to withstand a sophisticated TDoS attack without losing a single minute of business-critical call center operations. From now on, we trust SecureLogix to prevent TDoS attacks.”


An international financial credit rating organization discovered that there were plans to use social media to organize a flash-mob Telephony Denial of Service (TDoS) attack against its call center, voice network and services. The rating company had recently downgraded the credit rating of a country. In response, a group of angered residents of this country used Facebook to organize a coordinated calling campaign against the rating company’s call center in an attempt to suspend all voice services.


The ratings agency learned of the planned attacks online, and contacted SecureLogix to learn how to withstand and / or prevent the TDoS attacks. SecureLogix completed a 24-hour turnaround deployment of its Force Field voice security solution to cover the New York City and London call centers just hours before the attack.


Through a combination of TDoS calling pattern recognition, individual threatening call identification, and dynamic blacklist policy management, SecureLogix was able to alert and block calls associated with the attack. Meanwhile, the call centers were able to receive and process all of their legitimate business calls and transactions. In addition, post-event reporting showed that, without the deployment of the Call Secure™ managed service, the social networking TDoS attack would have successfully taken down all voice services in the target contact centers. Ultimately, the client decided to keep the ForceField solution in place to prevent future TDoS Attacks.

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