Nation-Wide Banking Institution Defeats Call Pumping


A U.S. nation-wide banking institution experienced call pumping attacks in the form of thousands of calls into the bank’s 1-800 contact center numbers. The motivation for the attack is financial. The bank pays the network service provider/carrier a fee to deliver 1-800 calls, and the carrier shares the fee with any other carriers involved in transporting/processing the call. The perpetrators establish fraudulent phone companies and send floods of calls targeting 1-800 numbers to collect a percentage of the carrying fee for each call, while increasing the telecom costs for the targeted organization. 


The bank used the SecureLogix® voice security solution to identify patterns of calling activity indicative of call pumping, including calls into the contact center’s IVR that never attempt to authenticate, and potentially block these fraudulent calls.    


The bank was able to identify and block call pumping attacks and reduce their costs while receiving and processing their normal amount of legitimate business calls and transactions.