Healthcare Corporation Staves Off Payday Loan Scam


A nation-wide healthcare corporation was receiving urgent, weekly reports of Telephony Denial of Service (TDoS) attacks from many of its more than 250 member hospitals across the U.S. Each attack was resulting in the loss of vital voice services (no phone calls in or out) inside emergency rooms, intensive care units, and other critical care facilities. The attacks were not only dangerous disruptions of emergency and patient care operations, but were also exposing hospitals and physicians to significant insurance liability risks.  


The source of the crime was an international fraud and extortion operation executing what became known as the “Payday Loan Scam Attack,” resulting in TDoS attacks against hospitals. Deployment of the SecureLogix® voice security solution gave member hospitals real-time visibility and control over all inbound and outbound voice traffic. The solution provided real-time alerts to identify patterns of suspected fraud and TDoS calls, and blocked calls from the attackers before they impacted hospital operations and patient services. 


Following deployment of the SecureLogix solution, the original attackers launched additional TDoS attacks against many of the target hospitals, including attacks from new sets of source phone numbers. These attacks were quickly identified and blocked. After several unsuccessful attempts, the attackers discontinued their attacks. With an ability to now see and block malicious and threatening calls in real-time, hospitals were able to prevent TDoS attack calls and block further operational disruption, loss of phone services, and insurance risk exposure.