Critical Infrastructure

Discussion of TDoS Attacks Against 911 in The Cyber Shield

I don't know how widely "The Cyber Shield" is distributed. I believe we get it because some of our folks have security clearances (so if true, lots of people get it). Anyway, there is some info about our recent article in Government Computer News (GCN). I copied the info and provided a link to the bulletin below

Video on a How to Use a Burner Cell Phone for TDoS

Here is a video from last years DefCon on how to use a burner cell phone to generate a bunch of calls for a Telephony Denial of Service (TDoS) attack. This allows an attacker to create a virtually untraceable and highly anonymous attack. Even with a single phone, you can generate enough calls for a long enough period, to affect a small target, such as a hospital ER/ICU, small business, a small PSAP, etc.

Link To TDoS Video