Young Hacker "Accidentally" Generates a TDoS Attack Against 911

See the article below about a young hacker who "accidentally" or so he says, generated a Telephony Denial of Service (TDoS) attack against 911 facilities in the Phoenix area. The hacker had a twitter account with some 12,000 followers and included a link, which installed malware on their iOS devices, which called 911 over and over again. The hacker claims that he posted the wrong link, only intending to cause popops to be displayed on the device.

I have posted some recent articles describing how a botnet of infected smartphones could be used to generate a TDoS attack against 911. For convenience, I posted a few of these articles below. What makes this type of attack significant is that it is one of the few ways that you can really flood a 911 network. I will describe why in a later post.

This recent article is the first case that I am aware of where an attack such as this has been used in the wild. I don't know how many devices were generated or how many calls were made, but the attack clearly had an impact.