Automatically Generated Calls Definitely on the Rise

Here is another article talking about how automatically generated (robodialing, robocalls) marketing and SPAM calls are on the rise. As I have pointed out before, I am getting more and more of these on my enterprise phone and iPhone.

The article talks about the "do not call list" and questions whether or not it is effective. In general, I would say that this list is effective in preventing legitimate companies from making SPAM calls. However, just like email SPAM, it does nothing to stop illegitimate, fraud, voice phishing, SPAM calls from individuals or groups that don't care about the "do not call list".

The "do not call list" is not a solution to this issue, especially the problem of automatically generated calls. An issue that will only get worse. You are just flat out going to see more scams and they are going to be calling you more often. Period. It is going to get to be just like email SPAM.

As I have said before, it is not about enterprises and consumers using VoIP or it being a security issue - its about the attackers having SIP and VoIP, and the ability to to cheaply, easily, and automatically generate lots of calls.