Social Engineering Used to Steal From Billionaire Paul Allens Acount

Here is an article  about how an attacker changed the address on one of billionaire Paul Allens accounts, to trick the bank into sending the attacker a debit card. It doesn't say how the account was changed. It may have been changed via social engineering into the banks contact center, or possibly via malware on a PC.

Once the address had been changed, the attacker then called in, said they lost their debit card, and had a new one sent to the modified address. The attacker was obviously able to complete this through social engineering/fraud. I don't know if they had more info about Paul Allen or the bank simply sends a new card without requiring any other sort of identification/authentication.

What is scary is that if someone can manipulate such as high profile individual's account, then can certainly do it for a typical consumer.

Here is the article and info: