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John Chambers and Jim Grubb of Cisco presenting an overview of
the BT and SecureLogix® solution at CiscoLive! San Diego on
June 12, 2012

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BT Builds Cloud Security Solution
Joe O´Donnell, SecureLogix´s Global Vice President of Business/Channel Development
Jeff Schmidt, BT´s Global Head of Business Continuity, Security & Governance,
BT Global Services
  Press Release:
BT simplifies big data and security challenges with new visualisation service

Launch of Assure Analytics helps businesses see and understand their resources and risks (June 13, 2012)
  Telecom Carrier Offers First-of-its-Kind Cloud Security Solution
BT partners with Cisco and SecureLogix to help customers identify voice and data threats through single integrated solution. (PDF download)

BT has announced the availability of a new Cloud-based, managed security service for Voice/UC that will combine with their existing data network monitoring services to provide enterprise customers with a holistic and fully-360-degree approach to monitoring for and resolving cyber threats. This new service extends the capabilities provided by a recently announced API innovation for Cisco gateways.

As IT managers look for ways to thwart voice fraud and other types of malicious activity, Cisco has announced the Cisco® UC Gateway Services API, a Web-based application programming interface (API) that can play a direct role in helping organizations deal with these threats. The API opens up the enterprise voice network edge to enable more voice services on the Cisco Integrated Services Router Generation 2 (ISR G2) router.

The Cisco UC Gateway Services API gives customers and partners easy access to call information—both signaling and media—at the network edge. This information can be used to detect and thwart malicious activity, including but not limited to: social engineering and identity-theft scams, contact center account takeover fraud, unauthorized network access and service use, and even the telephony denial of service (TDOS) attacks that are often launched to divert attention while cyber-thieves drain bank accounts of cash or steal customer data from contact centers. Once malicious activity is detected, the Cisco UC Gateway Services API allows applications to apply appropriate policy action by the Cisco voice gateway, such as call termination, call redirection or call forking (for recording).

This advancement is important as global telecom fraud losses are estimated to be $40 billion annually, according to the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) Telecom 2011 survey.

The Cisco UC Gateway Services API is supported on the Cisco ISR G2 with the Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) for SIP trunks and Cisco TDM Gateways for TDM trunks, both of which provide voice connectivity to the service provider. Therefore, the services enabled by this API can be extended across all voice gateways throughout the enterprise on a global basis to achieve dramatic improvement in control of the edge of the voice network no matter what technology the enterprise uses for voice connectivity.

BT is the first service provider to take advantage of the Cisco UC Gateway Services API by significantly bolstering its BT Assure Cloud Security Service, which until this point has focused mainly on data security services. Now, BT customers will be able to identify threats for voice and data globally in a single dashboard and mitigate these threats proactively. BT will be the only provider to offer a single view based on its ability to monitor and control real-time data and voice activity from the most widely used edge router in the industry, the Cisco ISR G2.

The BT solution also uses the voice policy and security applications of SecureLogix. SecureLogix is the first Cisco technology development partner to integrate its applications with the Cisco voice gateways using this new API and deliver a complete solution to help both service providers (like BT) and enterprises achieve a new level of visibility and control of their voice traffic over the network.

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